An induction programme is required for ALL new members.

This programme is designed to prepare anyone and everyone for CrossFit training. We will guide you through the core functional movements of CrossFit, plus Olympic lifting and basic gymnastics. Through education on the correct techniques and progressions, you will develop the self-confidence to start training safely in our group classes.

The sessions also provide our coaches with a clear understanding of your athletic ability and any necessary modifications you may require to perform CrossFit workouts safely and effectively.

We understand how overwhelming it can be as a new member, but don’t worry: our coaches will keep you right every step of the way.

Cost: £150, which includes four hours of one-to-one personal training and one month of membership to our classes.

Book your induction by filling out the form below, a member of our team will contact you to arrange your first session.

Once you click on submit you will be redirected to our booking page where you can pay and fill out our members forms.

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