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We want CrossFit Derry to be a place that you appreciate – something you do for yourself and genuinely enjoy.



CrossFit Derry welcomes all backgrounds and abilities, fostering a supportive atmosphere.



We promise an honest, transparent, committed environment for fitness, health and happiness. Our passion is PEOPLE. Our passion is YOU!



We earn our members’ trust and respect through our high standards of professionalism.

Our vision

To us, fitness isn’t just running 5 km, squatting 200 kg, doing 20 minutes of yoga or repeating the same bodybuilding workout you’ve been doing for years.

It is not a single training method but a combination of them all, allowing you to complete specific tasks and improve your ability to handle more of life’s demands—whatever they may be for you.

Fitness should include global benefits and a general state of physical well-being. Your training should challenge you in a different way each day, both physically and mentally, so you can do more and live life to its fullest, without restrictions.

We want to encourage you to run towards adversity, and strive to do common things uncommonly well.

Training should include a combination of physique, strength, fitness, flexibility and skills so that you are constantly moving towards ‘health’ and away from ‘sickness’.

Your training should leave you feeling happier, healthier, more accomplished and ‘better than yesterday’.

We know what works, and we care enough to make sure you do the work!


An induction programme is required for ALL new members.

This programme is designed to prepare anyone and everyone for CrossFit training. We will guide you through the core functional movements of CrossFit, plus Olympic lifting and basic gymnastics. Through education on the correct techniques and progressions, you will develop the self-confidence to start training safely in our group classes.

The sessions also provide our coaches with a clear understanding of your athletic ability and any necessary modifications you may require to perform CrossFit workouts safely and effectively.

We understand how overwhelming it can be as a new member, but don’t worry: our coaches will keep you right every step of the way.

Cost: £150, which includes four hours of one-to-one personal training and one month of membership to our classes.

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Our memberships

Crossfit Derry Monthly Membership

monthly membership

£80 per month

Enjoy unlimited access to all our classes and open gym sessions throughout the month. 

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Crossfit Derry 9 Classes Per Month

9 classes per month

£70 per month

Perfect for those seeking flexibility! This package offers nine classes or open gym sessions a month.

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Crossfit Derry Affiliate Drop In

affiliate drop in

£11 per session

Visiting from another CrossFit gym? Our Affiliate Drop-In option welcomes fellow CrossFitters to join a session with us.

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I joined CrossFit Derry in 2018, I had never really been into gyms or exercise, but at 54, I decided I wanted to do something for myself and my health. I had heard about CrossFit Derry and after a very long time thinking about it I finally took the plunge and joined up, I was so nervous at the thought of it, it wasn’t easy to walk through those doors for the first time but it has by far been one the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was instantly put at ease and made feel very welcome, the Coaches are second to none, always helping, taking time to explain and demonstrate and pushing you to do that little bit more for you, the community is like no other, everyone is so friendly, supporting and encouraging one another. I love the variety of the classes, from strength, stretching, endurance and gymnastics. I was definitely hooked. I have made so many friends for life and have never been fitter, healthier or in better shape. I often hear people say “ I couldn’t join CrossFit because I am not fit enough “ , was I fit absolutely NO , my only regret is that I didn’t join Crossfit a lot sooner If your reading this and thinking about joining, can I really encourage you to just do it .. do it for you and your health.

Jeannie McCarter

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